Lion Batteries offer a full range of premium conventional and Sealed Maintenance Free batteries specifically designed to suit automotive applications.

Consumer markets including Cars, Vans, 4WD’s and RV’s, Commercial markets including Trucks and Buses, Agricultural markets including Tractors and Machinery and Lawn Care markets including Small engines and Ride on Mowers are catered for in the wide range of Lion Batteries products.

Lion Batteries offer products under a number of popular and recognizable brands including:

Lionbrand – a full range of premium automotive products sourced primarily from Global Battery Company Korea who offers leading technology and design in battery products worldwide. Lion brand features on the full range of Marine, Deep Cycle, AGM and Gel and Industrial batteries.

Rocket brand – the ultimate in Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) technology. Sourced from Global Battery Company in Korea, the Rocket brand offers consumers a range of high cranking calcium SMF products featuring an impressive range of performance and safety features. Rocket branded SMF batteries are available for automotive, Deep Cycle, Marine, Small engine, Commercial and Agricultural applications.

Traction Batteries

Apollo brand – a full range of Heavy Duty automotive batteries recognisable by the famous “blue top” and white case design. Available in all markets from Cairns to Hobart. A full range of Motorcycle batteries are also offered under the Apollo brand.

Mercury brand – an iconic brand sold primarily in Victorian and Queensland markets. A Heavy Duty automotive range to suit all popular automotive applications.

Peninsula brand – marketed across south east Victoria, Peninsula brand remains a widely recognised and proven automotive battery range sold out of the Lion Batteries Frankston branch.

General brand – a ‘short’ range of cost effective black batteries suitable for specific trade markets or for consumers seeking a cheaper alternative for less demanding automotive applications. Available through most Lion Batteries sales branches.

The Lion Batteries range of conventional automotive batteries are designed to suit the rigours of the Australian market and offer a quality Heavy Duty product range to the market. Important design characteristics include:

  • High cranking performance (CCA – Cold Cranking Amps) to suit modern engine starting needs
  • Latest calcium technology to meet the demands of varied market conditions
  • Designed and constructed to achieve Heavy Duty outputs in testing market environments
  • Low Maintenance construction with easy vent plug access for checking electrolyte levels – ensures maximum battery performance and life
  • Sturdy polypropylene case to withstand low impact knocks
  • Carry handles to allow for ease of transport

Lion Batteries premium Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) range of Rocket branded batteries feature a number of technologically advanced and performance enhancing design features:

  • Sealed Maintenance Free Calcium/Calcium design – no need to add water
  • Low Resistance Envelope Separators to improve vibration durability and prevent internal shorting between the positive and negative plates
  • Patented liquid gas separators which enhance the Maintenance Free characteristics of the battery by preventing electrolyte loss through a process of collection and return of electrolyte to the reservoir.
  • Centred cast on plate straps and wrought Lead – Calcium grids add to the vibration resistant battery design whilst minimising gas and water usage and achieving less self discharge
  • Inbuilt ceramic disc flame arrestors to protect against accidental battery explosion from an external spark
  • In built ‘Magic Eye’ hydrometer to enable visual checking of battery state of charge
  • High cranking performance to suit modern engine starting needs
  • Fold away carry handles to allow ease of portability and placement into the battery box or operating area

Automotive Catalogue Listing

Disclaimer: Lion Batteries has made a concerted effort to present accurate information, which has been obtained from a variety of references including unpublished information sources and automobile manufacturers. Information presented is to be used as a guide only, and if in doubt, vehicle manufacturer recommendations should be referred to, to ensure correct battery fitment. Lion Batteries believes that information presented is accurate, however disclaims any representation, warranty, expressed or implied concerning battery specifications or fitment, and in no event shall be liable for loss or damage claimed as having arisen from the use of this catalogue.

Always check under bonnet and other clearances to make sure bonnet and other vehicle components do not contact battery terminals.