Lion Standby

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Lion Standby (trading as HCB Standby Technologies) is an independent and specialist supplier of quality standby battery technologies. Supply alliances have been established so as to access the full spectrum of vented and sealed standby battery technologies using both Lead Acid, NiCad and NiMh, with manufacturers demonstrably the leaders in delivered quality such as Hoppecke Batteries of Germany and Global Battery Co Ltd of South Korea.

Lion Standby operates to a philosophy of providing cost effective battery solutions in accordance with the precise outcomes sought by its client portfolio.

Lion Standby commenced Australian operations in 1997 and operates out of Lion Batteries, Head Office in Prospect, Sydney supported by State Office and warehouse locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Examples of projects to delivered include a 5 year contract for a Victorian major Power Station* (7 x 360 volt VRLA GEL technology batteries 350Ah-600Ah, and 18 x 110 volt vented lead acid (VLA) batteries 108Ah-3250Ah),  Railway projects (70 x 110 volt VLA batteries 108Ah-250Ah), Major NSW Power Station* (1 x 230 volt 2200Ah VLA battery), Major QLD Power Station (4 x 120 volt 2200Ah VLA batteries), One of many Substations supplied (2 x 110 Volt 980Ah nickel cadmium battery/charger systems). 4 year contract supply, install and maintenance project for vented nickel cadmium cells supplied to a leading NSW infrastructure company.

* Includes project management responsibility for de-commissioning, supply, installation and commissioning.