Battery Charging

Explosion Risk:

Batteries generate explosive gasses during vehicle operation and when being charged. Flames, sparks, burning cigarettes or other ignition sources must be kept away at all times.

Always shield eyes with protective goggles or eyewear when working near batteries:

Before attempting to charge a battery, be aware of all the safety precautions you should observe during the charging operation.

  • Always turn the charger off before attaching, rocking, or removing the terminal clamps.
  • Keep open flames and sparks away from the battery.
  • Keep vent caps in place.
  • Charge in well ventilated area.
  • Follow the battery charger manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always follow any instruction supplied with the battery or printed on the battery.

Specific charging rates or times are difficult to detail due to a number of other features such as:

  • The electrical capacity of the battery.
  • Temperature of the electrolyte.
  • Battery state of charge at the start of the charging period.
  • Battery age and condition.


Battery Fluid can cause burns

Use extreme care when handling Batteries. If battery fluid (dilute sulphuric acid) is spilled or splashed onto clothing or the body, wash with water and neutralise with a solution of baking soda and water. Electrolyte splashed into eyes is extremely dangerous. If this occurs, gently open eyes and wash with cool clean water for 5 minutes. Call a doctor.


Rated Battery Capacity
(Reserve Minutes)
Slow Charge Fast Charge
80 Mins or Less 15 hrs. @ 3 Amps 2.5 hrs. @ 20 Amps
1.5 hrs @ 30 Amps
Above 80 to 125 Mins 21 hrs. @ 4 Amps 3.75 hrs. @ 20 Amps
1.5 hrs @ 50 Amps
Above 125 to 170 Min 22 hrs. @ 5 Amps 5 hrs. @ 20 Amps
2 hrs @ 50 Amps
Above 170 to 250 Mins 23 hrs. @ 6 Amps 7.5 hrs. @ 20 Amps
3 hrs @ 50 Amps
Above 250 Mins 24 hrs. @ 10 Amps 6 hrs. @ 40 Amps
4 hrs @ 60 Amps

6-Volt and 12-Volt batteries recommended charging rate and time from a Fully Discharged Condition (ie. Flat, Discharged).
Fast Recharging is not Recommended.

Check the batteries specifications for the Reserve minutes.