Health & Safety

Battery Fluid can cause burns

Use extreme care when handling Battery Fluid. If electrolyte is spilled or splashed onto clothing or the body, wash with water and neutralise with a solution of baking soda and water. Electrolyte splashed into eyes is extremely dangerous. If this occurs, gently open eyes and wash with cool clean water for 5 minutes. Call a doctor.

If electrolyte is swallowed:

Drink large quantities of water or milk and follow with milk or magnesia, beaten eggs or vegetable oil. Call a doctor immediately.

If it is necessary to prepare electrolyte:

Always add concentrated acid to water – never water to acid. Store electrolyte in approved containers with a sealed cover. Do not store in the sun.

Exploding Battery:

Batteries generate explosive gasses during vehicle operation and when being charged. Flames, sparks, burning cigarettes or other ignition sources must be kept away at all times.

Always shield eyes when working near batteries:

When charging batteries, work in a well ventilated area – never in a closed room. Always turn the battery charger or ignition off before disconnecting a battery.

Manufacturers Instruction

Always follow any instruction supplied with the battery or printed on the battery or supplied with vehicle operating instructions.