Different Kinds of Batteries


These batteries start engines on cars, boats, trucks, tractors, and other vehicles. They provide a short burst of strong power to get the engine started.

Deep Cycle

These batteries power electrical accessories in Boats, Caravans & Recreational Vehicles, such as lights, Fridges, trolling motors, or winches. They are also used in Golf Buggies and Wheel Chairs. They provide a low, but steady level of power for a longer period of time than a starting battery and cope better with the continual discharges and recharges (cycles)


These batteries are used for industrial purposes, in both traction and standby applications. They provide low, steady power over a much longer period of time than a typical deep cycle battery. The plates are much thicker, and there is usually much more total energy available for a longer period of time. An industrial battery may last for many years.

Small sealed VRLA Batteries

These batteries are small, six-volt & twelve-volt, non-spillable batteries. They may use Gel or AGM technology. They power consumer products and tools like drills, flashlights, electric scooters, electric starters for lawnmowers, and children’s toy cars and are also used in standby applications such as burglar alarms and computer UPS systems.

All of these batteries are made of lead and plastic, and all are able to be recycled at the end of their service lives.