Solar Batteries

Lion Batteries has a complete range of solar battery products to meet all of your solar needs.

Incorporating 2 Volt battery pack configurations we have your energy solution to store valuable solar generated power. If you are looking to be off grid then we have the solution for you.

Consider the options of FIAMM the pride of Italy and a leading European and world distributor of solar battery and energy products. Or the option of German quality and technology within the notable Hoppecke brand of OPzV solar batteries. Alternatively Lion branded solar cells emanating from the leading Asian solar cell manufacturer in South Korea.

Your Lion solar specialist can discuss your needs and make a recommendation as to which batteries will suit your purpose. With Lion Solar you will always be powered to go!

Solar Battery Brands:

Below are a list of the brands of solar batteries that Lion Batteries stock. If you click each of the logos below you will be able to view further information in regards the brand, batteries, attachments and videos about each solar battery.