Technical Information

Traction Batteries

Lion brand traction products, consisting of a wide range of 2 volt cell sizes and associated accessories, are sourced from Sunlight Batteries in Greece widely acknowledged as the world’s premium industrial battery supplier. Supported by other key suppliers, Lion brand traction products represent the premium end of the market in terms of quality, technology and performance at a market competitive price.

Lion Motive Power’s ‘Tubular Cell Technology’ offers longer life and higher performance and prevents the degradation of battery material caused by cycling and vibration.The technical features of Lion’s ‘Tubular’ Traction cells include:

  • Die-Cast Grid: The grids produced by the Sunlight die-casting system offer a significant improvement in the cycle life of the traction cell due to the anti-corrosion characteristics inherent in the production process.
  • Tubular Cells: Tubular designed plates firmly hold active material in place, reducing the problem of shedding and allowing for maximum capacity and power.
  • Rubber Bushing: Rubber bushing around the terminals provides protection against cover breakage and keeps plates safe from external shocks and vibration.
  • One Touch Vent Plug: The transparent pop-up vent plugs with acid level indicator floats allow for easier checking of acid levels and subsequent simpler refilling and maintenance.
  • Heat Sealed Case and Cover: All cases are made from tough polypropylene and are highly impact resistant and heat sealed for perfect leak proof assembly.

Warranty Statement (PDF Download)